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Peak Season

The peak season is approaching, don’t miss your chance! 📢

As with every year-end, e-commerce stores are gearing up to tackle a significant surge in activity. This surge translates into a spike in demand and consequently, orders, customer inquiries, returns, etc. Being prepared for this is essential to turn this opportunity into a success, thus ensuring customer satisfaction and business growth.

Our advice

As logistics experts, we are committed to supporting you in this challenge. Our goal: to make logistics your greatest asset. Here are some tips to help you perform during this crucial period ⬇️

  • Reflect on last year and identify areas for improvement this year.
  • Prepare your website (e-commerce platform) for increased traffic.
  • Ensure your website is responsive for optimal display on mobile devices.
  • Prepare for a potential increase in returns.

While the previous tips are fundamental, they may not be sufficient to fully meet the challenge. To take it a step further, here are some recommendations for implementation using our tools:

🔔 Set up dynamic replenishment alert thresholds.

🔁 Simplify the identification of high-demand products (maintain stock and avoid stockouts).

🚚 Automatically select the cheapest carrier for a given service to optimize costs.

✅ Prefabricate your best-selling bundles to reduce picking costs and increase productivity.

📧 Provide clear and effective communication to your customers, keeping them informed about their order status and allowing them to track their package through personalized shipping emails.

♻️ Offer the option for green delivery in the Paris region and use recyclable packaging to minimize environmental impact.

Futurlog actively prepares for this important period by implementing various action plans for its clients’ businesses:

Exceptional openings of in-house warehouses on certain Saturdays to ensure timely commitments.

🎄 Alert on the last days of commitment from carriers for guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

👷‍♂️ Recruitment of temporary teams trained and competent to reinforce productivity during this period.

🖥️ IT standby to ensure continuity of data transmission.

📞 Ultra-responsive support team that responds within an hour even during this period.

Why Futurlog?

Choosing Futurlog means choosing a trusted logistics provider that will support you during the most critical moments. When facing peak activity, our logistical expertise enables us to more effectively meet your needs.. Here are some concrete advantages:

➡️ Increased flexibility (better adaptability and responsiveness to variable order volumes) thanks to our agile solution.

➡️ Expertise in managing peak activity periods.

➡️ Improved customer satisfaction.

➡️ Responsiveness of our support team, even during peak seasons, with a response time of less than 1 hour.

➡️ Reduction in logistics and transportation costs.

Because your success is our priority!