Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the most frequently asked questions by e-commerce brands that have outsourced their logistics with Futurlog

Thanks to our Plug & Play solution, we can seamlessly interface with most e-commerce platforms in just a few clicks, without any modifications required to your site.

Upon connection, you’ll have logistics entirely managed by experts in the field (receiving your goods, order preparation, packaging, and shipping of your parcels).

For other e-commerce platforms, we have connectors that allow setup within 1 week or on a quote basis. Furthermore, to help our clients accelerate their sales, our organization is adapted to both marketplace platforms (Amazon, Cdiscount, eBay, RueduCommerce, La Redoute, Fnac, etc.) and flash sales sites (VEEPEE, Show Room Privé, etc.).

Logistics services are currently carried out from 5 warehouses located in France near Lille, Le Mans, Grenoble, and Paris.

We also have solutions that could be quickly deployed in Belgium, Spain, and Portugal according to our clients’ needs.

Our offices are located in Paris.

Orders are delivered worldwide, and we take care of all the necessary formalities to ensure customs clearance for your parcels around the globe.

Futurlog’s expertise is a real asset for your business.

Indeed, its 2 co-founders are among the top experts in the market, each with over 20 years of experience in e-commerce logistics. They have been pioneers in this sector, notably through logistics restructuring missions for key players such as Sephora, FNAC, Veepee, and Louis Vuitton.

Our expertise also extends to our network of logistics and transport partners, which we carefully select and constantly audit to ensure impeccable service quality.

At Futurlog, you can rest assured that your logistics are in expert hands!

Yes, of course!

The strength of our solution lies in its adaptability and the diversity of offers we provide.

For instance, we offer a Startup package tailored to the needs of e-commerce and startup companies:

Plug and Play: easy flow management through a powerful and user-friendly tool. Pricing is scalable based on volumes, with no minimum volume required. We easily adapt to your needs and requirements. Fixed costs and startup fees have been minimized.

Yes, all standard operations are included (reception, order preparation, provision of packaging materials, return management)!

However, if you require services beyond the usual scope, additional charges (as indicated in the offer) will apply. This might be the case if, for example:

  • You require special customization during product packaging.
  • You ship fragile products requiring additional handling before dispatch.
  • You experience a return rate higher than that covered in your package.

Feel free to reach out to one of our experts to learn more!

The services between a Start-Up package and an Advanced package are identical. However, the billing method differs.

Logistics providers typically bill based on the unit of work directly linked to their mode of operation. This means that the invoice will depend on the type of receipt, packaging used, size of the ordered products, number of different products, product weight, etc. This is what we call the ‘Advanced’ package. With this type of package, you need to have a very precise idea of your activity to be able to assess in advance what your logistics will cost.

However, startups often lack precise data about their activity. That’s why we’ve decided to offer a flat-rate package called ‘Start-Up’ with 4 very simple costs: one cost per order, one cost per item, one cost per storage location, and one cost for the transport used. This allows for a clear and simplified projection of logistics costs.

With Futurlog, you finally have a solution that supports you in your evolutions and growth!

Whether you’re launching a new product line, opening new sales channels, or expanding internationally, you can rely on our experts to advise you through this transition and implement new solutions.

We understand that a company’s strength lies in its ability to evolve and adapt to its market, which is why our solution is omnichannel, scalable, and tailored to be a growth lever rather than a hindrance to your development!

For example, if you were initially on a Start-Up package because you were just starting out and now you want to develop B2B, we can easily transition you to the Advanced category to benefit from costs adapted to the evolution of your business.

No longer managing your own logistics or changing your logistics provider can be a stressful step for merchants, and we understand that.

That’s why we ensure that you have access to an intuitive and functional platform, allowing you to efficiently manage your business on a daily basis from your office.

Additionally, we provide tools for monitoring and analyzing your activity through dashboards and automated reports.

The strength of our solution lies in its model: mutualization.

Thanks to our network of logistics and transport partners, you seamlessly integrate into a comprehensive ecosystem providing you with a qualitative logistics solution as well as various competitive transport options.

You are billed at the end of the month only for the activity you had during the month (logistics, storage, and transport). Therefore, each month you pay the fair price for your operational expenses.

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