Logistics & Packaging

Discover how our logistics outsourcing and packaging solution adapts to your business and improves your customer retention costs

Carton recyclé/recyclable pour envoi des commandes


The warehouse that suits you​

The strength of our solution? Being able to offer you the most qualitative and competitive solution for your e-commerce brand’s logistics!

Thanks to our network of qualified and specialized logistics partners throughout France, we are able to offer you the ideal solution for your business.

Indeed, we have all the agility necessary to offer you, according to your growth challenges and your product typology, the warehouse that best suits your needs.

Whatever the size of your company, we accompany you in your growth and remain on the lookout for the best solutions on the market.

Localisation de nos entrepôts partenaires en France

E-commerce logistics experts

Joining Futurlog means outsourcing your logistics to real experts for your brand!

E-commerce logistics is unique and comes with various challenges that our solution perfectly addresses, such as:

  • Managing frequent returns and defective items
  • Need for real-time stock updates
  • Multiple sales channels B2C/B2B/D2C (and hybrids)
  • Often shorter delivery times to meet customer expectations
  • Seasonal order spikes

We also understand that you want to offer your customers an unboxing experience as qualitative and distinctive as if you were doing it yourself. The significant challenge is to create an experience for your customer to remember your brand and encourage them to reorder from your store.

That’s why e-commerce brand logistics must be customized while remaining productive, and that’s what we’ve achieved at Futurlog thanks to the power of our tools and the expertise of our operators.

Quickly and simply integrate into a cutting-edge logistics and transportation ecosystem tailored to e-commerce, allowing your brand to take the next step.


Adapted and Eco-friendly Packaging

In line with our CSR approach, at Futurlog, we prioritize taking action whenever possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the e-commerce deliveries we handle for brands. That’s why all of our cardboard boxes are recycled/recyclable and sourced from bio-based or FSC-certified materials.

With the help of our longstanding partner, RAJA™, we have carefully selected each box to best suit the various types of products you may have and the different types of e-commerce deliveries (letterbox, individual, B2B, etc.).

Our partner warehouses also commit to waste management and are EcoCert/EcoVadis certified.

Get a Customized Box

Whether you want to provide your own boxes or rely on us to get a customized box, it’s no problem!

From packaging to branded boxes, we assist you by ordering customized boxes for you at the best price through our partnership with RAJA™.

Save on the cost of your boxes and provide your customers with the best unboxing experience in the market!