Quickly access the best e-commerce transportation solutions and offer your customers the highest quality delivery experience in the market

Carriers for all your shipments

To best support your development, we’ve partnered with top players in e-commerce transportation to offer you transport solutions tailored to your order types.

From envelopes to pallets, you can choose from our carefully selected carriers, known for their quality and competitiveness.

You can finally make transportation a growth lever for your brand

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Competitive and shared pricing

Choosing Futurlog means joining nearly 400 e-commerce brands that have trusted us for outsourcing their logistics and transportation.

Thanks to this inter-client mutualization system, we are able to offer competitive transportation prices from the start of your business.

We like to say that the success of one benefits the others! Indeed, the growth of brands using our solution helps improve the volumes we hand over to each carrier, allowing all our clients to benefit from the discounts we obtain.

Reduce your costs thanks to our AI

When you consider that 60 to 70% of the cost of an e-commerce order is due to transportation, you realize the importance of choosing the right carrier for your deliveries.

With this in mind, we’ve developed a transportation AI called ‘Best Price’ that selects the cheapest carrier based on:

  • Destination
  • Weight
  • Desired delivery service

In just a few clicks, you can set up your account to ensure that your parcels are shipped with the most cost-effective solution, worldwide.

With our Best Price solution, no more stress and savings on every shipment!

Make your brand international

Your products deserve to be used by everyone, everywhere! With the help of our experts, take your brand to the next level and open it up to the international market.

To do this, nothing more simple… we take care of everything!

Indeed, our logistics platform allows you to easily:

  • Set up your shipping zones with the carrier(s) of your choice
  • Manage customs classifications and product origin countries
  • Generate invoices and necessary customs documents for export
  • Manage the payment allocation of duties and taxes
  • Track your shipments worldwide
  • Handle returns of your products

With Futurog, the global market is just a few clicks away!

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