Future of e-commerce logistics

Logistics is often considered the backbone of any e-commerce business. As consumer demand evolves and technologies advance, companies must adapt to remain competitive.

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BtoB & BtoC Logistics

For an e-commerce business, distinguishing between a retail customer (BtoC) and a business customer (BtoB) is paramount. This difference is crucial at all levels, including from a logistical standpoint.

In an ever-evolving sector, understanding the general principles of logistics is not enough; it is also essential to grasp the distinctive nuances between BtoB and BtoC approaches.

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La logistique inverse : gestion des retours clients

Customer return management

If return management is a significant concern in traditional (“brick-and-mortar”) commerce, it is even more so in e-commerce. Indeed, handling customer returns has become a real challenge for e-retailers today (especially as return rates intensify)…

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Représentation visuelle d'une logistique durable
Sustainable logistics

Sustainable Logistics and CSR

Logistics and the environment, two seemingly opposing domains… But not incompatible!

“In 2023, the global logistics chain was responsible for 11% of global greenhouse gas emissions,” according to the latest report from the United Nations. Sustainability is at the heart of discussions. While no industry is exempt, the supply chain is also impacted…

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Peak Season

Black Friday

In the United States, a large number of employers allow their employees to take a day off on Black Friday. This sentence reflects the extent to which Black Friday has become significant in our current society. And if that doesn’t resonate with you, perhaps this figure will: according to GfK Market Intelligence, the 2022 Black Friday week in France generated over 802 million euros in revenue…

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Représentation visuelle de notre partenariat logistique avec le transporteur durable "Urb-it"

Futurlog X Urb-it

We are proud to announce the establishment of a new sustainable partnership with Urb-it! Thanks to this major player in last-mile delivery using eco-friendly logistics, we will be introducing a 100% electric and eco-responsible delivery solution starting in November, servicing the Paris region from our warehouses ♻️

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