CMS & Marketplace Integrations

In just a few clicks, leverage the power of our tools to connect with your various sales channels and automate your workflows to streamline order processing

Automate your sales

Thanks to our tool, connect all your sales channels to our platform in just a few clicks.

You finally have the omnichannel e-commerce logistics solution that allows you to efficiently manage your B2C, B2B, D2C, … activity.

With our tool, the main flows are automated:

  • Importation of your product catalog
  • Real-time stock on your store
  • Importation of your orders
  • Update of status and tracking
Schéma d'intégration avec vos CMS et Marketplace
Backoffice personnalisé et innovant pour suivre et piloter votre activité logistique à distance et simplement

Simplify the management of your sales channels

On our platform, easily find and analyze the activity of each sales channel through store-based operations.

Our intelligent tools enable efficient management of your stores with a common stock. With Futurlog, all you need to do is grow your business without the stress of inadequate logistics that couldn’t support you.

Our expertise in outsourcing logistics for e-commerce brands and the power of our tool allow us to effectively manage various types of orders:

  • Individual customers
  • Store replenishment
  • Sales to a retailer (Amazon, Zalando, Smallable, Veepee, Decathlon, Citadium, etc.)
  • Sales through marketplaces (Amazon, Choose, Veepee, CDiscount, etc.)
  • Sales to a pop-up store/cornershop (Galeries Lafayette, Salon, etc.)
  • Dropshipping

Be Seller Fulfilled Prime on Amazon

With Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) service, you have the ability to ship items directly from your Futurlog warehouse that you offer on Amazon while being certified as ‘Prime.’

During an evaluation period of 25 consecutive shipments or for 5 days, you must meet the following service acquisition conditions:

  • Commitment to ship on the same day according to the cut-off defined with Futurlog
  • Use a carrier certified by Amazon (Chronopost, Amazon Shipping, GLS, etc.)
  • Valid tracking rate ≥ 99% (tracking information sent to Amazon)
  • Order cancellation rate (by the seller) ≤ 0.5%

Amazon Prime customers will thus benefit from free and fast delivery, at no extra cost, and you can boost your sales via Amazon while maintaining your e-commerce logistics with Futurlog!

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