Future of e-commerce logistics

Logistics is often considered the backbone of any e-commerce business. As consumer demand evolves and technologies advance, companies must adapt to remain competitive.

BtoB & BtoC Logistics

For an e-commerce business, distinguishing between a retail customer (BtoC) and a business customer (BtoB) is paramount. This difference is crucial at all levels, including from a logistical standpoint.

In an ever-evolving sector, understanding the general principles of logistics is not enough; it is also essential to grasp the distinctive nuances between BtoB and BtoC approaches.

Customer return management

La logistique inverse : gestion des retours clients

If return management is a significant concern in traditional (“brick-and-mortar”) commerce, it is even more so in e-commerce. Indeed, handling customer returns has become a real challenge for e-retailers today (especially as return rates intensify)…