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5 good reasons to outsource your logistics

Benefits of logistics outsourcing


Why and how to outsource your logistics?

This is precisely the question that many companies, especially in the e-commerce sector, are asking themselves.

Let’s start by examining what outsourcing is. It involves subcontracting part or all of one’s activity in a specific area (in this case, the supply chain). More concretely, outsourcing your logistics means turning to an external provider (such as Futurlog) with the aim of entrusting them with the management of your logistics chain. Depending on the situation, this can include storage, order preparation, packaging, transportation/delivery, returns, etc. 📦

Let’s address the first part of our question (why outsource?).

To put it simply, here are 5 good reasons. We will detail each of these reasons further in the article.

1️⃣ Logistics expertise of the service provider

2️⃣ Cost reduction

3️⃣ Focus on growth potential (core business)

4️⃣ Time and flexibility gains

5️⃣ Improved reliability

Why outsource?

1️⃣ Logistics expertise of the service provider 🚚

By engaging an omnichannel logistics service provider, you benefit from the expertise of professionals who excel in their field. They are not only competent but also well-informed about the latest trends and developments in their market. This enables them to derive advantages, both for themselves and their clients. By collaborating with this logistics specialist, you receive personalized support. Furthermore, this partner adapts to your specific needs and supports your growth, offering valuable flexibility for your business and opportunities to develop new sales channels. Lastly, state-of-the-art technology ensures optimal efficiency in managing your operations.

2️⃣ Cost reduction ✅

The advantage of logistics service coordinator is that they are in direct and ongoing contact with warehouses and carriers; therefore, they have the opportunity to negotiate competitive rates with them based on order volume, number of clients, etc. The difference also lies in terms of payroll. A company that outsources its logistics does not need to hire a dedicated team (reducing fixed costs). We will discuss this further later in this article, but reducing errors and delays directly impacts a company’s variable costs.

Thanks to Futurlog, our clients have achieved up to 35% savings on their logistics and transportation costs, and this is thanks to:

👉 Our AI named “Best Price”, which allows us to choose the cheapest carrier for a chosen destination and service type.

👉 Our logistics volume effect, which enables us to offer cost reductions in transportation, even for companies with startup flows.

👉 Our constant negotiations and searches for the best partners, allowing our clients to benefit from the most competitive solutions on the market.

3️⃣ Focus on growth potential 📈

Managing a supply chain requires expertise, time, and money. Three things that companies may not necessarily have at their disposal. Our solution allows these companies to allocate their resources where they truly need them: their core business. In this collaboration, each party focuses on its area of expertise and optimizes its growth potential. It is precisely this idea that gave rise to Futurlog.

4️⃣ Time and flexibility gains ⏰

The time freed up by outsourcing can be reinvested in more relevant issues for the company (see the previous point). Moreover, trusting a logistics partner also means gaining flexibility. Indeed, certain sectors are subject to significant seasonality. With this in mind, the expertise of the logistics coordinator once again facilitates an appropriate and effective response (ability to anticipate and manage volume changes). Furthermore, a logistics provider often has multiple storage centers; thus, the company holds a geographical advantage (and choice).

5️⃣ Improved reliability 🥇

Relying on an expert logistician is a guarantee of confidence and trust for customers. It is true that the supply chain involves storage, packaging, delivery, returns, etc. So many steps that are crucial to maximize customer satisfaction. It is also during these steps that errors, delays, damages, etc., can occur. Given this perspective, expertise is once again the solution; it helps to minimize risks.

How to outsource?

We’ve seen why outsourcing your logistics is important, now let’s look at how to do it.

Three steps are essential ⬇️

  1. Determine your needs. These vary depending on the type(s) of products you sell, your industry, your order volume, your growth objectives, etc.
  2. Compare offers based on criteria you deem important (e.g., pricing, types of services, team availability, technology used, etc.).
  3. Choose the right partner you can trust.

✨ With Futurlog, it couldn’t be simpler! ✨

All our offers are transparently available on our website, without any hidden costs. To get a personalized quote, simply request one and you’ll receive a response within 24 hours. For more information, feel free to contact us directly.

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