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Last-mile delivery

Futurlog is proud to announce its partnership with Urb-it, a leader in last-mile green delivery!

We are proud to announce the establishment of a new sustainable partnership with Urb-it! Thanks to this major player in last-mile delivery using eco-friendly logistics, we will be introducing a 100% electric and eco-responsible delivery solution starting in November, servicing the Paris region from our warehouses. ♻️

Addressing the current challenges of decarbonizing e-commerce transportation modes, we wanted to significantly reduce our environmental impact by adding a green solution to our offering, one that is committed to sustainable and responsible logistics. With the aim of continuous improvement and in line with our CSR strategy, we have decided to expand our offering by partnering with Urb-it, a certified B-Corp transporter.

We are thrilled about this new partnership and convinced of its significance. Last-mile logistics is a current issue, and it was crucial for our company to offer a new low CO2 emission alternative for our clients; and now it's a reality!

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Urb-It :

Urb-It is a rapidly growing sustainable logistics platform with a vision to transform urban logistics, “one delivery at a time.” As a major player in the last mile, the company prioritizes its customers, the environment, and society at large.

Delivery services are carried out by employed couriers using their own fleet of electric cargo bikes. This helps make cities healthier by reducing emissions, traffic congestion, and noise pollution.

Urb-It is a certified B Corp, meaning it meets the highest (and verified) standards for social and environmental performance. The Swedish company currently operates in urban areas across Europe’s largest e-commerce markets, including France, the UK, and Spain. Its ambition is to expand into other major e-commerce markets in Europe in the coming years.

In 2022, Urb-It won the award for the best supply chain solution at the “Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Expo.” 🏆

Futurlog :

Futurlog is a logistics coordinator specializing in e-commerce.

The company distinguishes itself in the market with a completely different approach from traditional operators. Futurlog manages its clients’ logistics by leveraging recognized logistics partners. Through its IT platform, the team ensures coordination of actions, selection of the best solutions, customer assistance, and optimization of the supply chain.

Futurlog provides an efficient solution for all e-commerce startups looking to outsource their logistics and seeking support from experts in their growth.

With over 300 clients supported in 5 years, Futurlog’s model has proven its relevance and attractiveness (B2C, B2B, and Omnichannel), especially in the e-commerce sector.

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