Luc de Murard spécialiste logistique ecommerce


Luc is a professional in logistic since 1985. He started to work in the counseling for management in the Supply Chain sector. Then he led the redesign and centralization project of the FNAC Supply Chain and also led a book distribution subsidiary within the Vivendi Group. For the past 20 years, he participates in the transformation of the logistic sector in order to adapt it to the constrains related to the new expectations of the e-commerce and become this way one of the best specialists of the E-Logistic. He cofounded Crosslog with Franck Bornet in 2000 and led it for 15 years.

After the buyout of Crosslog in 2014, he founds the company So eBusiness that he leaves in December 2016 to create Futurlog.



Franck Bornet spécialiste logistique ecommerce


Franck works in the logistic sector since the beginning of his professional life in 1983. He occupied positions of operational direction within the Vivendi Group. His strengths come from his great team management capacity but also from his skills in client relation, process implementation, monitoring quality and management of the client relations.  In 2000 he cofounds the company Crosslog with Luc de Murard and is in charge of the operation direction.

He joins the company So eBusiness in 2015 that he leaves in December 2016 with Luc in order to create Futurlog in January 2017. Franck is today one of the best specialists in E-Logistic.





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The proximity with our clients is a key point. Our priority is to approach at the closest the goals and culture of the clients’ companies. By respecting the job and the people of this companies in our daily actions, we are persuaded that we can ensure an optimum mutual comprehension to guarantee quality services.


The transparency is a major point of our working ethic. It applies with the Futurlog team as well as our clients or handler-partners. It is this transparency that allows us to move forward with confidence and to go further with our clients in the management of their activities.


Because our profession is evolving constantly, we are learning a lot thanks to our clients. During this past 20 years, our know-how lies on these exchanges. We aim to share and bring all of our expertise to our customers’ company.


Our clients are entrepreneurs that invent new distribution methods and helps the services brought to their clients to evolve. Our passion lies in the accompaniment of these projects usually innovative and in the impact that it can have in our profession. Since 20 years we are endeavoring to meet the challenges initiated by our clients or the distribution sector in constant growth. These challenges are our DNA.


Our services are made to be long-term. We must be able to support our clients as long as possible. With a good company management, we are committed to ensuring a good sustainability and investment capacity.


Our values put forward in our company allow us to do our work according to our image. We are constantly developing within our team the pleasure to work in the respect of our values. We are betting that this way the work done will be a source of performances and quality for our clients.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to speak about your project. We are committed to give you a quick and adapted response to your needs.