Futurlog in a nutshell

Futurlog was created by luc de murard and franck bornet,

Serial entrepreneurs working in the sector of logistic

and e-logistic for more than 20 years.

 This creation was answering the needs of e-merchant

since then not answered.

How to externalize my logistic quickly and easily while I am not an expert in this area? (externalization logistic)
I am a start-up. How can I have a quality service at the lower cost while my activity is still low? (start up logistic)
Once my logistic entrusted to a subcontractor, how can I be assured of the quality of this service without losing all my time to stay focus on my activity? (management of flows)
If my activity evolves (product range, services, size of the company), how could we carry out without any risks a transition to a more adapted handler? (scalability)
Who can advise me on the services to propose, help me to make my logistic chain evolve and assure me of an always optimum service in terms of quality and costs? (counseling)

In response of this answers, the aproach led was

radically different than those built till now.

Ensure the logistic and transport service by relying on qualified network of handler-partner
Choose the best partners based on the needs (localization, type of services to execute, product range, …)
To dispose of negotiated prices corresponding to mutualized activity volume with every client
Daily management of the different logistic and transport handlers’ activity
Help the e-merchant in the evolution of their activity

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