Futurlog in a nutshell

Futurlog is a turn-key logistic solution for start-up, small or medium businesses. With its original approach and the 20 years of experience of its team, Futurlog can handle all of your logistic for you at the best price.

Which oragnization ?

With our different logistic partners, we are able to set up an optimal and custom-made solution for your needs. Indeed:

  • This solution lies on partners which have the best service adapted to your activity
  • The negotiated prices allow you to relieve yourself of volumetry of activity constraints and thus to obtain the best transport and logistic fare
  • The monitoring and counsels brought by our team ensure you of a simplified and efficient management of your activity with a responsive and listening interlocutor. No more logistic headaches!
What delays for the set-up ?

With out connectors, we are linked with most of the e-shop platforms (see list of connected e-shops)

. . .

With our solution Plug & Play, we can interface in a few days with most of the e-shops without any necessary modifications of your website. For the set-up, there will be a duration of 3 to 4 weeks (shipment of your goods, preparation of the warehouse, configuration of the transport) to have your logistic completely handled for you by experts in this area. Moreover, to help our clients to accelerate their sales, our organization is adapted to the market places (Amazon, Cdiscount, Ebay, RueduCommerce, La Redoute, Fnac, …) and to the events sales website (vente-privée, Show Room Privé, …)

Where ?

The logistic services are currently done by warehouses located in France, Spain and Portugal (see localization). Our office is located in Paris and we are shipping worldwide.

Which expertise ?

The Futurlog expertise is a real asset for your company. Indeed, its 2 cofounders have each more than 20 years of experience in the logistic and e-logistic business. This makes them the best experts in this sector. Thus, you are ensured that your logistic is in experts’ hands.

Are the beginning companies and Start-up also accepted ?

We have a Start-Up offer built around the needs of this kind of companies:

  • It is Plug & Play on most of the e-shop tools
  • Our organization is planned to ensure an easy flow monitoring
  • The pricing is scalable and in accordance with the volume. No minimum volume is required
  • The fixed prices and the launch prices have been reduced at the maximum possible
How is organized the transport ?

The upstream and downstream transport can be handled by Futurlog.

We have partnerships with most of the transporters of the market for BtoC and BtoB.

We can ensure with our partners France, Europe and worldwide shipping.

If they wish, our clients can use their own partners or internal means.

Futurlog? That is our clients that talk the best about it !

Some of our clients have freely testified about their logistic experience with Futurlog.

You will find these testimonies on Trustpilot


To know more about Futurlog :

Don’t hesitate to contact us to speak about your project. We are committed to give you a quick and adapted response to your needs.